New K2 theme issues

Well, for now I have disabled the K2 theme due to more problems. The new problem happens when using K2’s sidebar modules. I can name and load different types but when I set advanced options, like page display options, ALL of the modules in the sidebar are renamed to the one currently adjusting. I am using the most recent stable version: 0.9.6. I have tried the most recent nightly SVN, r375, but this causes other problems. Actually, I think the other problems are related to V0.9.6.

The “disabled module” section does not work. I can not drag a module to the “disabled module” section to disable it. The module just snaps back to the sidebar.

After reading through the K2 support forums, I found my problem is common and could be related to the newest version of WordPress. Upgrading from 2.2 to 2.2.1 appears to be a key issue.

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