Shockwave Flash issue

I noticed a serious issue with the Jaiku badge that requires shockwave-flash. If the browser does not have the proper plugin the page rendering becomes extremely random. My sidebar was everywhere except on the right side. I removed the Jaiku badge from the previous post due to this problem. If the browser does not have the correct plugin there should just be a blank spot asking for or stating condition of plugin needed. This should not confuse the format to the point of making an unreadable page.

My main computer is a Mac. My main browser currently is Safari. I also use Firefox and Flock Occasionally, I use Camino 1.5.1 or Shiira 2.2.

I know a simple cure for me would be to make sure any and all browsers I use have up-to-date plugins. But what about the rest of the world? Not everyone is on top of updating.

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