Weird Netflix plugin behavior

I have been using the netflix 3.1 plugin by Albert Banks to display my Netflix@home movies in my sidebar. I had the plugin set to display an image with link. Last month a problem developed. The image displayed was wrong for the top 3 movies @home and the same image was displayed in all 3 slots. Initially the links were still pointed to the correct movie, but later changed to the displayed image. Screen shots below.


On my About page the image display for @home and in queue both showed the wrong movie duplicated in all 3 slots. The movie displayed was not in my queue or at home.


Later the above displayed titles reversed themselves. About 48 hours later the display was back to normal showing the correct titles with links.


This problem has happened twice that I know of. Not a big deal. But since I rent mainly TV series, the displayed image shown is a generic “image not available” from Netflix for almost all of the TV series selections. This defeats the purpose of having an imaged displayed, so I have changed to text w/link only.

Strange thing is I have a netflix app on my Facebook page that does correctly show all images for selected titles.

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