iPhone 3.0 software

Well, It took awhile to get access to download the 3.0 software. This was not completely unexpected. All done as of 6 p.m. PST.

I searched last night to find out when the 3.0 software will be available. The only time mentioned on a few sites was 6 a.m. Cupertino time. At 6 a.m. PST the 3.0 software was not yet available through iTunes. Back to sleep.

Tried again at 3 p.m. PST with my iPod Touch. It took over an hour to get connected to the iTunes store in order to download the update. I kept press the update button like a irate monkey until I got through. Eventually, I got to the license agreement page. After accepting the agreement it took another 15 minutes to get to the actual downloading function with continual pressing of the update button or accept agreement button after first getting ‘can not connect try again later warning’.

Everything went o.k. updating my iPod Touch and iPhone 3G. All the apps that I use frequently seem to work.

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