Prince of Persia movie

I saw the Prince of Persia yesterday. It was exactly as I expected, fun, simple, and entertaining. For a Disney film rated PG-13 I found it quite interesting. I remember playing the Apple II video game back in 1989 and the sequel on the Mac in the mid 90’s, but I do not remember the story line. Jake Gyllenhaal seemed to fit the main character well. I mainly know of Jake from October Sky, Donnie Darko, and The Day After Tomorrow. I never saw Broke Back Mountain. Gemma Arterton is new to me although she has had parts in Quantum of Solace and The Clash of the Titans. I did not realize she was in Clash of the Titans as Io until writing this. The audience appeared to be an older crowd, 30+.

If you want to see a fun and entertaining film check out Prince of Persia.

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