WordPress 3.0 stuck in maintenance mode

I have never been able to use the automatic update feature for WordPress or plugins with the host of this site. I did some research on the host’s forum and on the wordpress.org forum but never found anything that could help. I just did the manual upgrade in the past. It only takes a few minutes.

I decided to finally figure out the issue. I found a few old files that were causing problems. After deleting them everything seemed to work as expected. I upgraded from WordPress 2.9.2 to version 3.0 with no problem automatically after de-activating all of my plugins.

Then I started to upgrade some plugins, 7. The first few upgraded automatically just fine, but by the 4th my blog got stuck in maintenance mode for over 15 minutes. That seemed a bit long to me. I checked my site and tried to return to my admin page and all I got was –

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

After a quick Google search of ‘wordpress stuck in maintenance mode’, I found the answer on the wordpress.org forum.
The answer – looked for a file called .maintentance (dot maintenance). Once deleted everything came back.

This issue was a bit scary at first. Before I freak out and sent emails/phone calls to my host I always search major problems in Google or appropriate forum for an answer.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 stuck in maintenance mode

  1. Hey Harrison,
    Thanks a million for that. Updating to WP 3.0 has given me my share of problems. One blog’s home page disappeared and then the other got stuck in maintenance mode whilst updating one of the plugins.
    Well, got you helped me solve my second problem, now looking for an answer to the first…:)

  2. I ran into this problem today when trying to upgrade to WP 3.0.1. Problem now is I don’t see a .maintenance file anywhere. Looked via FTP client and also tried SSHing into the site and just don’t see this file anywhere. Any ideas?

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