Google Chrome vs Apple Safari

I have switched to Google’s Chrome 6.0.453.1 dev as my main web browser of choice from Apple’s Safari 5.0 (6533.16). Safari has been acting up more often recently. It will hang or freeze at seemingly random times. Facebook games do not work well with Safari any more. Getting the spinning beach ball too often with Safari 5 has made the decision for me. Firefox has always been too slow for me, with or without extensions. Safari has been twice as fast as Firefox.

Importing my Safari settings into Chrome was simple and fast. In Chrome tabs are located on the top of the window versus below the bookmark bar in Safari. There are other subtle differences that will be easy to adjust to as time goes by.

EDIT: Chrome imported all bookmarks from Safari but without my folder organization. Import order was as if folders did not exist, not alphabetically. This will make it easier to re-establish some kind of organization. Using six extensions with Chrome does seem to slow initial launch down a few seconds until google reader and gmail indications load, still not a decision to use deal breaker.

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