iOS 4.1 update

I am updating 3 devices to iOS 4.1 – iPhone 4 32GB, iPhone 3G 8GB, and Ipod touch 32GB 2G.
The update for the iPod touch was a 332 MB download. Download and updating took 10 minutes. For the iPhone 4 the update was 589.9 MB. Download and updating took 20 minutes.

The iPhone 3G went ok. My father uses it as an iPod with Wi-Fi. He is still learning about the device and the touch screen interface. He told me that Maps was almost useless. I tried out Maps after the update and typed in a few random places from around the U.S. and world. It works a bit slower than my iPhone 4 but is still very useable as along as you have a good Wi-Wi signal. Currently my father doesn’t use any but the default apps. He may buy a new 3rd Gen iPod touch today.

I ran a few of my most used apps and there was no noticeable change. I really didn’t expect much change in operation with the 2 newer models.
The most noticeable additions are the Game Center, Ping, and TV show rentals. There is also HDR photography and HD video updates as well.
I will try the new features out this week.
See more information on Apple’s iPhone site.

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