New 6th gen iPod Nano not for me

I visited my local Apple store today to check some of the new hardware in person.
The new iPod Nano looks nice and the touch screen is ok but the device is a bit small to warrant a touch screen interface.
For the price the new iPod Nano is just too expensive for what really turns out to be a Super iPod Shuffle with more storage. My favorite iPod Nano was the 3rd gen. I still use mine. I sold my 5th gen iPod Nano, although now I may buy a refurb one before they are gone forever.

The new iPod Shuffle IS a great improvement over the past 3rd gen model. I own 2 1st gen and a 2nd gen. The 2nd & 4th gen model are great for quick portable music that you may update often or in my case keep my all-time favorites & most played songs at hand. As long as you know the playlist you don’t need a screen. If you need or want a screen the iPod Shuffle is just not for you.

As for the new iPod touch, no surprises since I am an iPhone 4 user. The new iPod Touch is a welcome upgrade to the line-up.

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