Time for a new theme

Well, its about time for a new theme. After updating to WordPress 3.0.2 my old theme just wasn’t working. I had been using the K2 theme for years. Current nightly version r1144. The K2 theme has an excellent layout and was ahead of the curve when it came to layout design structure. But times change.
Initially, I think I will try to use the new default theme TwentyTen. I like the Footer widget ability. Although I have grown accustom to having 2 right hand sidebars. I have never really liked lefthand sidebars. Since most people read left to right, the left sidebar would be the first thing the eye sees. I want people to see the main content first and not the sidebar has they pan left to right. I feel no left sidebar provides for better flow and readability, especially when you visit a blog multiple times.

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