Chrome web browser 9.0.597.16 dev

I have been using the Chrome web browser from Google on a Mac for some time. Since version Also, I have been using the dev version since ver 4 or 5. Now Google chrome is 9.0.597.16 dev. Still working ok for me. When version 9 first came out I had a few, very few, browser freezes. This was easily fixed by reloading page or restarting Chrome, especially from a session of long-term usage with multiple tabs or windows open. With version 9.0.597.16 dev the past freezes are gone. All of my 5 plugins work ok.

I went to Google Chrome from Apple Safari initially just to tryout something new. Although, I still like Safari, Chrome is faster. I like the tab orientation, on the top. I really like and have grown accustom to having search combined with the url address field.

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