Removing Movies & TV page

Due to my total lack of progress, I may remove my Movies & TV page. After coming across the ‘WP Movies Ratings’ plugin I thought it would be cool to have a page listing with basic review and rating information on all the movies and TV shows I have watched in the past. I then could add new ones as time progresses. The choices for display selection are title, rating, or view date (date title watched or entered). These are great choices and it is a nice ability to re-sort the list, but view date does not work for me since I want to build up a database a past movies before I move forward. View date sort could be production or release date instead. Overall this is only a minor issue that is not a deal breaker. This is an excellent plugin, simple to use with a specific function.

A draw back to this page idea for me is the time involved setting it up with past titles. Although I could use the bookmarklet to help out. I know I am trying to use this plugin a bit differently from the designed purpose.

Since I never really planned to sit down and enter hundreds of past movie titles anyway, I could scan through some old titles from time to time and add 10-20 a month. Date viewed is not really that important. Addition I can use my Netflix rental history information to help out. Ultimately it comes down to spending the time.

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