End Facebook game addiction

Facebook game addiction? Is there such a thing? YES.
Doing a quick search in Google I get 9 of the top 10 responses deal with Facebook game addiction. This can be considered just a form of net addiction. Facebook games are major time wasters. Many of the games are identical in form it is just presentation that has changed.
I am and have been stuck playing Facebook games way too long. Time management is an issue no matter the approach taken once a day, all day, or short sessions multiple times. What is the cure or fix? Well, for me it is just – QUIT. Stop wasting the time.

So, as of the 15th of December I am going to stop playing ALL games on Facebook. I was going to wait until the end of the year but why wait any longer. I believe I got all I am going to get out of the game play. It was definitely fun while it lasted but time to move on.

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