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Fitbit Charge first week

I have been wearing my Fitbit Charge on my non-dominant wrist everyday. I only take it off when I shower, for charging, and a few workouts where something on my wrists either feels uncomfortable or is in the way. It feels like you are just wearing a watch. It is comfortable and generally does not get in the way except when noted above. iPhone app works well. Screenshot below.


Fitness training – ACE CPT

Well, I decided to study for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification. So Today I ordered the premium package.

After spending the past 3 years getting myself in better shape, I realized last year that I would like to help others. I would like to focus mainly on the over 50 crowd. Being over 50 myself I can relate to their concerns more having gone through some lifestyle changes in order to improve my health and fitness.

Fitness journey so far

I began my fitness journey a little over 3 years ago. At 5’7′, 205lbs, 47 years old. I bought a copy of Power 90 on VHS years earlier buy never really stuck with it.

With fresh motivation, I radically improved my diet and started with Power 90. After 4 months I lost 40lbs. Another 2 months later I was down an additional 15 lbs. Still 5’7″, 150-155 lbs for 3 years.

All exercise done with Beachbody programs and healthy eating.

My program progression:

Power 90 – 2 rounds
Power 90 Master series – 2 rounds
P90X – 2 rounds
Insanity – 1 round
P90X/Insanity hybrid – 2 rounds
Focus T25
P90X3 Doubles
P90X3 Elite Doubles – current as of May 2014

Next: Body Beast/P90X3 hybrid

Power 90 Master series week 9

Starting week 9 of Power 90 Master series today. Power 90 Master series is a great transition from Power 90 to P90x so far.

Why Power 90 Master series? Due to lack of some equipment, space, and time I ended up doing Power 90 for too long. I got comfortable with leve 3-4. Even after losing 45 lbs. and in overall better shape I felt I was still not up to P90X without modifying more than I care to.

After the first week or two of doing Power 90 Master series learning the different routines I felt more confident on working on my form and increasing intensity.