Comcast cable TV problems

Recently, I was informed that I would need to get a cable box in order to view TV channels from Comcast that are now being transmitted digitally. So I picked 2 for that TVs in the house – one in the family room the other in a bedroom. The family room install was simple with no problems, everything works as it should.

The bedroom cable box has been trouble. First time install with other cable box, following given instructions, got no signal. Call #1, tech support. They resent programming data. No change. Call #2, reset power, resent programming data. Again no signal. Call #3, reset power, again no signal. It was determined that the cable box was bad. I went to the local Comcast office and got a new cable box. Connected new cable box initial no signal. The next day I was receiving a few stations, 2-13, 37 (TNT), 41 (TBS). Later that day lost all stations, no signal. Call #4, reset power, resent programming data. Tech support told me to call back later because that rep I had could not help me and he could not get additional help. A full day or two later Call #5, reset power, resent programming data. I could not fully understanding the tech due to language accent problem, but I believe it was determined that if the resent programming data did not take effect this time I have another bad cable box. I have not dealt with this any further yet.

During the entire process the family room TV is working with ALL stations. The bedroom TV works ok without the cable box but I only get SciFi (73) and Discovery (29) channels plus 2-13.

Comcast Customer Service rates a 2/5 only due the pleasant manner of the representatives, otherwise they have been completely unhelpful. They do not listen to the stated problem. They are unwilling to listen to any additional support information. For example, the fact that I have a currently working TV. The above problem seems to be beyond their understanding, so I have to wait even longer as they ask for assistance. The language accent issue can be frustrating.

Thank God for Hulu.

In a day or so I will check with my local Comcast office about getting a 3rd cable box and call customer service. The physical cable is new and there are no devices of any kind connected between the cable to cable box to TV. Except for a splitter that feeds the other TV and the bedroom one.