Night of the Living Book Club update

I no longer work for Books Inc. in Mountain View, so the continuation of the Night of the Living Book Club at that physical location will probably end in June. Since the May and June books have already been selected and posted I will still facilitate the book club on the first Monday of the next two months at the Books Inc. in Mountain View at 7:30 p.m. During the next two meetings I will be open to discuss the direction or continuation of the Night of the Living Book Club in some format.

Night of the Living Book Club

A few months ago I initiated a drop-in horror themed book club at my work. Everyone is welcome to stop by and check it out. Thanks to a co-worker for the name suggestion.


The book club meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm, hosted at Books Inc in Mountain View, CA.

I started a Facebook page for the bookclub. See box in sidebar or this link – Night of the Living Book Club on Facebook.

For more information go to the official Books Inc page for The Night of the Living Book Club.

Sleep deprivation

Another semester dealing with a lack of sleep. Keeping busy teachs you to be very well organized and to plan ahead.

Time management is one cure for sleep deprivation. This will only work if there is actual time that can be utilized more efficiently. With work, commute, and school there is very limited time left over for any unforeseen issues. Support from family and/or friends can be helpful when available.

I have no time for procrastination or just plain screwing around if I want to get required school work completed and still have time for other interests or hobbies.

Wikipedia – sleep deprivation

Last semester at SFSU

Well, I started my final semester at SFSU. I am only taking three classes at 11 units. This should be easier to manage with my work schedule. Although, school comes first above everything else, especially for my last semester. In December 2007 I will graduate with BS degrees in Accounting and Decision Science.

So far, my experience at SFSU has been very good. Nothing unexpected. I do not spend a lot of time on campus or participate in school activities mainly do to work schedule and commute distance (100 miles round trip).

The SFSU College of Business has been very helpful. They provide any information needed online and also have a helpful staff in BUS 112.