iPod Nano 5th gen

I have been thinking about getting a refurbished iPod Nano 5th gen from the Apple Store. They were plentiful before last Christmas. Now they are hard to find, which makes sense since it is a previous model. I check the Apple Store periodically for availability on refurbished iPods.

Well, this morning, to my surprise, the Apple Store had an almost full selection of 5th gen iPod Nanos in the refurb section. Great, I thought, I can finally get one. I selected the color I wanted and clicked add to cart. Nothing happened. It turns out that in the minute or two I took to decide and process the order Apple sold out. I selected my second color choice and successfully added the iPod to my cart. Then I went to process my order and verify my credit card. In the less than a minute time that went by Apple sold out again. I wrongfully thought that if an item was in your cart that you had saved/allocated selected item until finish processing.

I will still continue to check availability. The hope of actually getting one is not good. I could try craigslist, but that is too iffy.

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  1. Yeah, I too have been trying to find ipod 5th gen and finally found them on the ipod refurb site. Very hard to find, but it’s the best nano that apple has ever made. I almost paid 250.00 for one on ebay and I would have if they wouldn’t have turned up on the apple refurb site. I think it’s gonna be harder and harder to find. The ipod nano 6th gen doesn’t have the same features as the 5th and actually bought a 6th gen and returned it. Not a very good ipod for working out at the gym or running. I wish the next get goes back to the thumb wheel. I’ve been looking for another one on the refurb site to get as a spare and buy one for my wife. But no luck yet. Don’t think they will popping up as often. 🙁 Hope you were able to find one!!!

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