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I finally got a 5th gen iPod Nano

I continued to randomly check the refurbished iPod section of the Apple Store. On Feb 1st about 12:30 a.m. the Apple Store was almost fully stocked on 5th gen iPod Nanos. I quickly went through the purchase procedure. This time everything went smoothly and completed. Of course now there are many 6th gen iPod Nanos available. I still prefer the 5th gen nano and also like my old 3rd gen nano.

iPod Nano 5th gen

I have been thinking about getting a refurbished iPod Nano 5th gen from the Apple Store. They were plentiful before last Christmas. Now they are hard to find, which makes sense since it is a previous model. I check the Apple Store periodically for availability on refurbished iPods.

Well, this morning, to my surprise, the Apple Store had an almost full selection of 5th gen iPod Nanos in the refurb section. Great, I thought, I can finally get one. I selected the color I wanted and clicked add to cart. Nothing happened. It turns out that in the minute or two I took to decide and process the order Apple sold out. I selected my second color choice and successfully added the iPod to my cart. Then I went to process my order and verify my credit card. In the less than a minute time that went by Apple sold out again. I wrongfully thought that if an item was in your cart that you had saved/allocated selected item until finish processing.

I will still continue to check availability. The hope of actually getting one is not good. I could try craigslist, but that is too iffy.

New 6th gen iPod Nano not for me

I visited my local Apple store today to check some of the new hardware in person.
The new iPod Nano looks nice and the touch screen is ok but the device is a bit small to warrant a touch screen interface.
For the price the new iPod Nano is just too expensive for what really turns out to be a Super iPod Shuffle with more storage. My favorite iPod Nano was the 3rd gen. I still use mine. I sold my 5th gen iPod Nano, although now I may buy a refurb one before they are gone forever.

The new iPod Shuffle IS a great improvement over the past 3rd gen model. I own 2 1st gen and a 2nd gen. The 2nd & 4th gen model are great for quick portable music that you may update often or in my case keep my all-time favorites & most played songs at hand. As long as you know the playlist you don’t need a screen. If you need or want a screen the iPod Shuffle is just not for you.

As for the new iPod touch, no surprises since I am an iPhone 4 user. The new iPod Touch is a welcome upgrade to the line-up.

iOS 4.1 update

I am updating 3 devices to iOS 4.1 – iPhone 4 32GB, iPhone 3G 8GB, and Ipod touch 32GB 2G.
The update for the iPod touch was a 332 MB download. Download and updating took 10 minutes. For the iPhone 4 the update was 589.9 MB. Download and updating took 20 minutes.

The iPhone 3G went ok. My father uses it as an iPod with Wi-Fi. He is still learning about the device and the touch screen interface. He told me that Maps was almost useless. I tried out Maps after the update and typed in a few random places from around the U.S. and world. It works a bit slower than my iPhone 4 but is still very useable as along as you have a good Wi-Wi signal. Currently my father doesn’t use any but the default apps. He may buy a new 3rd Gen iPod touch today.

I ran a few of my most used apps and there was no noticeable change. I really didn’t expect much change in operation with the 2 newer models.
The most noticeable additions are the Game Center, Ping, and TV show rentals. There is also HDR photography and HD video updates as well.
I will try the new features out this week.
See more information on Apple’s iPhone site.

iMac i7 appreciation

A little while ago I purchased a refurbished iMac i7 to replace my aging iMac 20-inch. My last four Macs have been refurbished models. The 27″ screen is amazing. The size allows me to have two full page windows open and viewable at the same time. I only have 4 GB of RAM for now, which should be plenty for what I do, but 8 GB couldn’t hurt.
I initially was using the wireless small keyboard with the Magic Mouse, but have recently changed back to a more traditional set-up. I now use a wired Apple full-size keyboard and a Logitech M500 corded mouse or a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball. I prefer the full-size wired keyboard with number pad. The Magic Mouse works great, nice feel and responsive to Multi-Touch but was a bit twitchy at times on some web sites I visited and would occasionally lose the bluetooth connection. Battery life was not a big deal since I used rechargeable AAs and would monitor remaining charge. But I did grow tired of that and wired components don’t bother me and I never have connection issues.

Current: iMac i7
Past: iMac 20-inch

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