Bought an iPhone

I finally bought an iPhone. I got the 8GB, since I already own a 32GB iPod Touch and numerous other iPods, I don’t need the larger 16GB iPhone with the higher price.

I have been reviewing the Apple iPhone and the ATT iPhone pages recently to refresh my knowledge on the purchase and activation procedures. On the ATT wireless website there is a pre-qualification procedure you can use to check your eligibility before you go to a store. I chose to do this. Afterwards I got a confirmation number to use when I go to an ATT store. The confirmation was good for 90 days.

I went to the closest ATT store an hour before they closed. There were four employees in the store and no customers. I was pleasantly greeted. I said I was interested in getting an 8GB iPhone. One of the employees immediately said she could help me. She verified I wanted the 8GB model and went in the back to get one. I gave her my confirmation, which she said she was pleased that I had done that part already. She asked me about what services I wanted and did I want a case. I chose the cheapest ATT plan at 450 minutes and no case yet. She then asked about text messaging, I told her none for me. Although the basic text messaging plan is only $5/month. I may consider it later.

After entering my personal data she gave me a choice of three phone numbers with the area code of my choice. I chose one. I greed to the 2-year contract. Then paid for the activated iPhone. That was it. I got my receipt, iPhone in pocket, and bag with iphone box, etc. The entire process was quick, easy, and pleasant. 10 minutes.

I had to use my new iPhone almost immediately after leaving the store. My car would not start. I took a couple of pictures while waiting.

After getting car started and returning home I plugged my iPhone into iTunes. I registered my iPhone and synced some of my apps, music, etc.

This was an extremely easy process. Now I need to find a case.

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